Length: 00:05
File Size: 198 KB
Barcode: 914500-23JH

Description: Jae hugs Yun Ho -- Yun Ho looks like he's in shock over something. There isn't much here but there's still enough JaeHo to make you squee a little. Oh yes, Yun Ho does hug back.


Length: 00:10
File Size: 214 KB
Barcode: 337012-23JH

Description: Yun Ho rubs on Jae's leg. Why he has to do that, I have no idea -- but it's hot nonetheless. Jae seems unaware of it, too. Maybe it's because of something that was said?


Length: 00:07
File Size: 278 KB
Barcode: 632917-23JH

Description: Yun Ho touches Jae yet again. This time on the hand. Obviously it's because of something being said here, but then why does Yun Ho always have to touch Jae?


Length: 00:07
File Size: 350 KB
Barcode: 611794-23JH

Description: Not sure, but I think Jae was sick during this performance. Yun Ho reaches out and grabs Jae's hand. It looks kind of like a form of moral support or what I think is just utter love!


Length: 00:09
File Size: 370 KB
Barcode: 249143-23JH

Description: Yun Ho locks arms with Jae. Dong Bang Shin Gi is doing one of those before-performance-cheers for their group. Yun Ho has the need to do more than the necessary and touch Jae.


Length: 00:13
File Size: 479 KB
Barcode: 463951-23JH

Description: Both Yun Ho and Jae rub each other's chests -- Jae does it a bit more dramatically than Yun Ho of course. What's funny is Yun Ho kind of pushes Jae's hand away at the end. Shyness, much?


Length: 00:06
File Size: 528 KB
Barcode: 261323-23JH

Description: Looks like Yun Ho is leading Jae somewhere -- hand in hand. Fans appear to be going nuts just below that door, and if I'm not mistaken, that's Junsu following right behind them.


Length: 00:15
File Size: 719 KB
Barcode: 978662-23JH

Description: Yun Ho is helping Jae get through a crowd of loudly screaming and crazy fans. Where Jae is going to, I have no idea, but it sure is cute to watch Yun Ho's hand dart out to protect Jae at the end.


Length: 00:32
File Size: 817 KB
Barcode: 868714-23JH

Description: Yoochun is already helping Jae to his seat, but Yun Ho notices they're having trouble and rushes over to help out. The best part is how fast Yun Ho moves in order to help his band mate.


Length: 00:11
File Size: 873 KB
Barcode: 159174-23JH

Description: Sadness! Jae is mirroring the audience and pisses Yun Ho off. Poor Jae just stands there and looks guilty as Yun Ho snatches his mirror away and scolds him. Have a sense of humor Yun Ho!


Length: 00:14
File Size: 0.99 MB
Barcode: 458010-23JH

Description: Don't know exactly why Yun Ho points at Jae the way he does, but it's kind of cute. Jae sings the english version of Hug, and Yun Ho is snapping his fingers before he points randomly at Jae.


Length: 00:27
File Size: 1.01 MB
Barcode: 202911-23JH

Description: The forever infamous marriage clip. Dong Bang Shin 3 is off to the side while Jae and Yun Ho 'walk down the aisle' toward...nowhere really. Then Yun Ho almost breaks Jae's forehead.


Length: 00:11
File Size: 1.01 MB
Barcode: 735348-23JH

Description: I'm guessing the boys are at some kind of pre-show or concert -- maybe a practice session. But Yun Ho is reaching over to pull something out of Jae's hair. Whatever that may be.


Length: 00:13
File Size: 1.07 MB
Barcode: 385383-23JH

Description: Cuteness! Yun Ho and Jae do a little camwhoring together at a radio interview. Jae decides to lean back against Yun Ho's shoulder and Yun Ho sort of mocks what Jae does.


Length: 00:44
File Size: 1.11 MB
Barcode: 575456-23JH

Description: Even if Jae is on crutches he finds it in him to hobble to the camera and primp himself. Then again, what would a crutch-bound primping Jae be without a Yun Ho cameo?


Length: 00:36
File Size: 1.34 MB
Barcode: 250503-23JH

Description: This one is just randomness. Yun Ho runs into and then rushes past Jae after a concert apparently, then everyone is getting into the group's van and there's a slight JaeHo moment.


Length: 00:19
File Size: 1.36 MB
Barcode: 872015-23JH

Description: Jae and Yun Ho are sharing the camera again, and of course Yun Ho is talking while Jae is making faces in the lens or primping. These are always worth watching.


Length: 00:52
File Size: 1.37 MB
Barcode: 761794-23JH

Description: Girls that are perfect matches for the boys are revealed -- and Jae doesn't want to lose to the girl that's chosen for Yun Ho. Thus, Jae playfully grabs onto Yun Ho's leg and pouts.


Length: 00:38
File Size: 1.56 MB
Barcode: 261788-23JH

Description: Jae is watching Yun Ho's Fila photoshoot -- and playing peek-a-boo with the camera when it spots him. What's cute is that he gives a thumbs up and still continues to watch.


Length: 00:55
File Size: 1.57 MB
Barcode: 904844-23JH

Description: Yun Ho demonstrates a part of the dance in Tri-Angle on a radio show, and Jae has the need to get up and do it with him. They're in sync mostly, then Jae falls behind a little.


Length: 00:49
File Size: 1.81 MB
Barcode: 348647-23JH

Description: Again, Jae and Yun Ho are doing dances from Tri-Angle on the same radio show. Only this time, there is a bit more touching involved and even more showing off from Jae.


Length: 00:20
File Size: 2.64 MB
Barcode: 707744-23JH

Description: Jae is on his way toward the stairs to get a little higher on the stage, but is Yun Ho going to let him take the steps himself? Of course not. Hence, Yun Ho lifts Jae over the steps in all abruptness.


Length: 00:33
File Size: 2.82 MB
Barcode: 693912-23JH

Description: I believe this one is from Jae's birthday. Yun Ho is feeding Jae some of the cake...or so that's how it seems. It's really cute how Jae appears to be acting like the official cake taster of Korea.


Length: 01:13
File Size: 3.14 MB
Barcode: 289211-23JH

Description: After a performance, Yun Ho and Jae proceed to crawl off the stage. Yun Ho gets down first, but instead of walking away, he turns around and waits for Jae so that he can pat him on the back.


Length: 01:01
File Size: 3.43 MB
Barcode: 494097-23JH

Description: After the MKMF concert, and after the boys won an award for best music video. YooMin walks away together whilst JaeHo walks ahead of them, arms pretty tightly wrapped around each other.


Length: 00:28
File Size: 3.59 MB
Barcode: 988258-23JH

Description: Somewhere backstage, Dong Bang Shin Gi kicks back and wanders about. For some reason, Yun Ho just darts up behind Jae and wraps his arms around the boy. Uber cuteness.


Length: 01:52
File Size: 4.78 MB
Barcode: 520785-23JH

Description: While Dong Bang Shin Gi is watching other artists perform on stage, Jae leans over and whispers something unknown to Yun Ho. Oh yeah, he has to grab Yun Ho's arm to do this.


Length: 01:31
File Size: 6.84 MB
Barcode: 285923-23JH

Description: Dong Bang Shin Gi as magicians is interesting enough, but what's even better is that Yun Ho and Jae find the excessive need to continuously touch each other and act coy about it.


Length: 02:53
File Size: 7.25 MB
Barcode: 524292-23JH

Description: A very random clip with a meaningless practice session, followed by a Christmas show in which Yun Ho and Jae sit beside each other. Heavy JaeHo, along with ADD Jae.


Length: 02:52
File Size: 13.50 MB
Barcode: 927246-23JH

Description: Everyone's together for Yoochun's birthday -- or that's how it looks. There's a slight JaeHo moment when Yun Ho puts his hands on Jae's face and rubs. Quite romantic in appearance.


Length: 03:42
File Size: 16.90 MB
Barcode: 805402-23JH

Description: Yun Ho touches and refers to Jae a lot during the Rising Sun Showcase. Then the next half is mainly goofing around, then more JaeHo as they get closer and go all whispery.


Length: 00:30
File Size: 6.73 MB
Barcode: 784350-23JH

Description: Jae explains his clothes and Yun Ho says something smart, which results in JaeHo hand holding; then Jae sings his rock version of "Hug" and Yun Ho makes fun of it -- LOTS of touching.


Length: 00:04
File Size: 1.11 MB
Barcode: 551729-23JH

Description: This one is definitely a very popular JaeHo clip. Bora Bora news coverage shows complete proof of some real JaeHo. Yun Ho appears to be very possessive of Jae here. Lots of touching.


Length: 00:11
File Size: 430 KB
Barcode: 620592-23JH

Description: Same radio show as the JaeHo kissy face one, I believe. Yun Ho pulls Jae in front of the camera with him and they both have a little fun camwhoring together.


Length: 00:28
File Size: 1.02 MB
Barcode: 139714-23JH

Description: Yun Ho is explaining Jae's clothes -- for some odd reason -- and touching Jae quite a bit in the meantime. A bunch of unnecessary chest touching -- but good JaeHo nonetheless.


Length: 04:05
File Size: 14.60 MB
Barcode: 487931-23JH

Description: The famous kissy face clip. The boys lip-sync to Hug during a radio show break. Chang Min tries to sing and they steal his spotlight. Then...Jae kisses Yun Ho on the cheek!


Length: 00:06
File Size: 604 KB
Barcode: 571367-23JH

Description: This clip has both Jae Joong and Yun Ho hanging out during their training days. Yun Ho is on the phone apparently, I have no idea who he's talking to, but these boys sure look cute here!


Length: 00:11
File Size: 983 KB
Barcode: 901883-23JH

Description: A rather entertaining clip where Jae Joong and Yun Ho both do the same hand gesture -- and they do it in unison. It repeats a little, but ignore that and focus on the cuteness of the clip in general.


Length: 00:11
File Size: 843 MB
Barcode: 248607-23JH

Description: Yet another clip where these two give a thumbs up at the same time. I don't think it's a conicidence, really, these two do that kind of thing a lot it seems. Channeling JaeHo is always good.


Length: 00:07
File Size: 1.80 MB
Barcode: 691703-23JH

Description: This one is just cute for the simple fact that Yun Ho comes up behind Jae Joong and puts his hand on his shoulder. Again, Yun Ho deems it necessary to touch Jae Joong whilst camwhoring.


Length: 1:00:28
File Size: 97.5 MB
Barcode: 355400-23JH

Description: An SBS radio show with lots of JaeHo bits. At the end, Yun Ho holds Jae's arm for support as everyone is leaving the studio. These are never complete without a camwhoring Jae.


Length: 05:32
File Size: 34.4 MB
Barcode: 784507-23JH

Description: A Smart photoshoot. This one was memorable for the JaeHo and YooSu, as well as the JaeChun. The JaeHo parts are very gratifying, especially when Yun Ho gets a little dominant.


Length: 00:11
File Size: 1.23 MB
Barcode: 925264-23JH

Description: This one is very cute, and was during the making of the Beautiful Life MV. Jae Joong interrupts Yun Ho's talking spree at the camera so he can wave down at his band mate and say hi.


Length: 00:21
File Size: 834 KB
Barcode: 202537-23JH

Description: This one is very simple, but Jae Joong is talking and Yun Ho has the need to add in his own two cents. Coincidentally, it makes Jae Joong laugh and Yun Ho touches Jae Joong's arm. Squeal.


Length: 00:25
File Size: 2.66 MB
Barcode: 443060-23JH

Description: Shortly after their Thailand interview, Yun Ho is talking to the camera and Jae Joong is watching him intently. The second half, Jae Joong looks at Yun Ho with the most childish expression.


Length: 00:03
File Size: 927 KB
Barcode: 782953-23JH

Description: An extremely short clip, but this one was very memorable for a lot of JaeHo fanatics. Yun Ho has his arms wrapped around Jae Joong's shoulders from behind, and it's very sweet to see.


Length: 00:16
File Size: 654 KB
Barcode: 351954-23JH

Description: During the making of Magic Castle, Yoochun tells Yun Ho to warm Jae Joong up because he's cold. Obligingly, Yun Ho wraps his arms around Jae Joong, the response is classic.


Length: 55:44
File Size: 54.5 MB
Barcode: 938798-23JH

Description: The famous JaeHo feeding clip on ChinChin radio. JaeHo feeds each other to start; and a little later are some really cute touchy-feely JaeHo moments. Again, there's camwhoring Jae Joong.


Length: 02:58
File Size: 15.8 MB
Barcode: 113939-23JH

Description: I really have no words for this one. Jae Joong is standing behind Yun Ho the entire time and camwhoring, making faces, and just being overall too cute. Yun Ho seems to not suspect a thing.


Length: 00:02
File Size: 794 KB
Barcode: 687309-23JH

Description: Jae Joong is getting some World Cup footage, but he's aimed the camera at Yun Ho for a moment. Jae Joong says "dae hanminguk," and Yun Ho responds with "hwaiting!" Patriotic boys they are.


Length: 00:58
File Size: 6.14 MB
Barcode: 597080-23JH

Description: Yun Ho is berating Jae Joong for his head movement on stage after a Hug performance. Jae Joong appears like he is concerned, but once that camera is on him, he's all laughs and smiles.


Length: 00:05
File Size: 747 KB
Barcode: 947481-23JH

Description: Very short and simple. As Jae Joong goes to start his camwhoring, Yun Ho pokes Jae Joong in the cheek. The smile Jae Joong turns to give Yun Ho afterward is really just too cute for words.


Length: 00:14
File Size: 1.40 MB
Barcode: 247340-23JH

Description: The making of the Tri-Angle MV. Yun Ho is going around to each member and discussing their outfits and hair. Yun Ho touches Jae Joong a little when pointing out his shirt and earrings.


Length: 04:56
File Size: 24.9 MB
Barcode: 719176-23JH

Description: Dong Bang Shin Gi is being interviewed, but check out Yun Ho's shoulders. Who has such a possessive grip? Of course it's Jae Joong. That grip remains through most of the clip.


Length: 01:41
File Size: 17.1 MB
Barcode: 821814-23JH

Description: At the 10th anniversary celebration for M-Net, JaeHo has a really cute 'mommy and daddy' moment. An added bonus is the touching and looks. It's also cute how Yun Ho says "Jae Joong sshi."


Length: 00:23
File Size: 2.49 MB
Barcode: 416489-23JH

Description: The making of SMTown's Red Sun MV. Yun Ho pulls on Jae Joong's suspenders, and later on Yun Ho grinds into Jae Joong's hip! There's quite a lot of JaeHo in this clip, so no complaints here.


Length: 06:01
File Size: 25.0 MB
Barcode: 199584-23JH

Description: The making of SMTown's Red Sun MV again, this time there's more grinding against Jae Joong's hip. Yun Ho puts his arm around Jae Joong, plus there's lots of touching and 'looks' as well.