This particular fic is about the DBSG couple Jae Joong / Yun Ho. I write it...well...because I wanted to, for one. The second reason I wrote it is because I wanted to write some real fanfiction that didn't just have funny semantics to it. If anyone has read my fanfiction before, they would know that I like to write angsty romance. This JaeHo fic has a lot of that in it.

The way I wrote it, I wanted to make it feel like the person was actually watching everything happen right in front of them. Regarding the points in this story where you read a lot of questions the characters ask themselves, I wanted to show everything that someone might think or ask in that particular situation. I wanted to make this fic as real as possible, basically. I hope I accomplished that. JaeHo is one of the best pairings I've ever come across.